Delta GBN Ltd production plant offers complete anti–corrosion coating systems for both small and large components using Dip Spin, Dip Drain and Spray application methods.

Zinc Flake coatings such as Delta Protekt® KL100 and Delta Tone® 9000 are cured at relatively low temperatures (220C), are Cr6 free and do not induce hydrogen embrittlement. They are widely used where high levels of corrosion resistance are required for the protection of a wide range of components from small fasteners and springs to engine heat shields and large fabrications.

The range of Delta MKS® finishes are specified by the major automotive manufacturers and can be used as an alternative to...

    Ford S439 ( WSS-M21P37-A1)
    and S441 ( WSS-M21P37-A2 )

When combined with Delta MKS Topcoats (solvent or water based), Torque Tension values can be maintained and Bi-Metallic corrosion prevented.

We can also apply Xylan, Molycote, and water based materials.

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"Anyone looking for high corrosion protection can now confidently dispense with Chrome VI"

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