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Protective coating system for all typs of fasteners automotive | construction | fasteners | springs | architectural

Delta GBN coat all kinds of fasteners for all types of industries. The DELTA MKS® system has a suitable coating for a fastener whatever industry is the end user, from small screws for home appliances to high-tensile M60 studs for wind turbines. All without the risk of hydrogen embrittlement and totally chrome free.

DELTA SEAL® GZ and the DELTA PROTEKT® VH 300 range of topcoats give a controlled co-efficient of friction to ensure that torque / tension relationships can be maintained.

Delta GBN also applies a range of Xylan® coatings to fasteners used all over the world mainly in hazardous offshore installations.

"Anyone looking for high corrosion protection can now confidently dispense with Chrome VI"

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